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Lycium barbarum is indigenous to Tibet, Mongolia and parts of China. Traditional Asian medicine has been using this „superfood” for nearly 5000 years to treat various diseases.

The berry


The innovative solution inhibits the growth of

Pseudomonas aeruginosa, the super resistant

bacteria at a never experienced rate and also

maintains gastrointestinal bacteria balance by

stimulating the growth of “good microbes”.

THE solution

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The post-antibiotic era is here. Super bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, grow and spread at an incredibly swift pace. A solution from goji berry extract which was prepared and purified based on my method, was tested on several pathogenic strains, including 

Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In cultures with Pseudomonas, samples of the extract produce an inhibition diameter (area where the pathogen disappears) twice as large as the control sample.

Furthermore, the different „good microbes” in presence of the extract that make up our gut flora

possessed a higher reproduction rate (colony forming unit) compared to the control. Using chemical analysis, new compounds were identified. The presence of the complex flavonoid group along with other derivatives strengthens the test-proven effectivity. These novel results pave the way for treating Pseudomonas infections and the production of a pharmaceutical formulation that would help millions of people.

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methods and results

I tested 5 different types of Lycium barbarum from dissimilar sources. Goji Fruits were first treated in liquid nitrogen, then either dissolved in methanol, vaporised, or purified using my own innovative method, currently under the patenting process.

I measured the inhibition zones (where the pathogen disappears). There was a breakthrough using the solution in the case of Pseudomonas

aeruginosa, a threatening “super bacteria” responsible for causing lethal pulmonary infections. The increasing frequency of multi-drug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa (MDRPA) strains is concerning. It creates nosocomial bacterial pneumonia in patients with HIV, Cystic Fibrosis. It affects those who undergo chemotherapy, invasive procedure; who have burn wounds or in whom the presence of a foreign body is identified, making the microorganism a concerning global threat. 

I tested my solution on different „good microbes” including: two anaerobic (Bifido longum, Lactobacillus acidophillusand two aerobic (Escherichia coli and Enterococcus faecalis). I used two different types of solution G+K (0,5% glucose and 0,5% extract) and K (1% extract) I compared the initial and terminal colony forming unit (CFU). They possesed 100x reproduction rate.


The chemical composition of the solution was analysed using liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (HPLC) with an electrospray interface (ESI positive mode). The complex effect of flavonoid-glycoside derivatives and various compound groups are together responsible for the significant antibacterial effect in the innovative solution.


One fraction purified on a preparative LC system proved to possess higher antibacterial effectivity; mixed with the other purified fractions, it showed synergic activity, which closely correlates to the plant drug’s complex phytochemical composition and intricate nature.



The method for the solution preparation, the increased antibacterial and also prebiotic activity of this extract brings the innovation to the research. It has not been observed that the same agent inhibits the growth of a resistant microorganism while enhancing the growth of essential microbes. The abiotic factors also influence the antibacterial activity. A future pharmaceutical formulation may have the potential to help millions of people who suffer from lethal infections.


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Personal motivation

My beloved aunt had been suffering from various lethal infections, including cancer. My deliberate intention was to give her my help in nutrition, how to slow down the process or even cure her.



I showed great interest in so called “superfoods”. That period of time I discovered the unparalleled potential of Lycium barbarum

Curiosity arouse and I started investigating. My innovative solution proved to be effective against the strain Pseudomonas. The twist in life came when she passed away last year, supposingly from the bacteria Pseudomonas which is responsible for attacking the lungs of patients during their chemotherapy. She believed in the great possibility of my scientific research, her support is still a humbling encouragement to me.


EUCYS 2018 Introduction

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                    Country: Hungary

                    Age: 22 years old

                    Organisation: Hungarian Association for Innovation

Student scientific researcher with focused interests and years of experience in the fields of Microbiology, Phytochemistry, Dermatology and Analytical Chemistry.

Scientific research / Curiosity / Polyglot/

Adaptability / Open-minded / People-oriented / 

Media appearance / Host of events 

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recent news

Recent news

Ranked in the Top 10 Science Podcasts in Hungary in June! 

Host of the Drop the STEM podcast that showcases talented young scientists who with their undeniable enthusiasm for science, dedicated mindset, diligent work and outstanding achievements in the STEM fields are making a lasting impact today for a brighter tomorrow. 

A platform to connect you with key people, engage in collaborations, enrich your life professionally and galvanize advancement for a brighter tomorrow.

Presented STEMPOOL on Hungarian Shark Tank Season 2, receiving Hungary's largest telecommunications company, Telekom's Digitally Ready Award, while being featured in Forbes Magazine.

Founder of SynthEthics. SynthEthics is an international initiative investigating the ethical implications of new-era biotechnology. We aim to invite everyone to the important discussion of what, who and when we should intervene with natural selection and go beyond the ways of nature. 

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